The Low Down on Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that involves exfoliating the skin for improved tone and texture. You may have a few questions about how it works, how to care for your skin post treatment, and what microdermabrasion is used for. We decided to let our licensed estheticians answer some our most frequently asked questions about microdermabrasion.


  1. What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that removes the top layers of skin. This exfoliating treatment promotes new collagen production, smooths out the skin and helps reverse signs of aging by minimizing scars and smoothing our fine lines.


  1. What type of microdermabrasion does Shine offer?

There are two types of microdermabrasion: diamond and crystal. Crystal microdermabrasion is what is most commonly used by most skin care professionals. During crystal microdermabrasion a handheld wand delivers tiny microcrystals across the skin removing damaged or aging skin. The device uses a small vacuum that sucks up the dead skin and used crystals leaving the skin refreshed post-procedure. Diamond-tip microdermabrasion utilizes a wand with a tip made from natural or synthetic diamond chips. Shine offers two passes with crystal microdermabrasion followed by a single diamond-tip pass to finish the treatment.


  1. How often would you recommend someone have microdermabrasion treatments?

We recommend at least a series of three treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart. If a client has pigmentation, scarring or deep wrinkles, more treatments will be necessary.


  1. Is there any downtime with microdermabrasion?

There is no downtime when receiving microdermabrasion treatments. However, we do recommend that you stop your Rentin-A or Retinol topicals five days prior to your treatment.


  1. How should someone care for their skin after a microdermabrasion treatment?

We suggest a “core 4” product regimen that consist of an antioxidant, Retinol or Retin-A, moisturizer, and SPF of 30 or higher. This will keep the skin healthy and hydrated giving the client a better faster result.

Sidney | 31.7.2018

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