The Skin Benefits Of Vitamin C

The Skin Benefits of Vitamin C

Sidney | 24.8.2018

Your body needs a variety of nutrients to look and function its best, of course, but vitamin C is a particularly important player. It offers much more than the immune-boosting properties you probably already know it for; because a lot of C is stored in your skin, it helps rejuvenate and protect your complexion whether you get it from food or apply it topically. Vitamin C in your skincare regimen is just as import as washing your face and applying sunscreen.   Here’s what happens when you feed your body vitamin C: It helps keep the skin strong and firm. Along with minimizing the appearance of fine lines, vitamin C also helps the surface of your skin appear smoother and firmer. It helps heal skin. Injuries that lead to scar tissue need the help of vitamin C to repair damaged skin.   Here’s what happens when you apply vitamin C topically: It provides antioxidant protection. This feeds your skin protective antioxidants that fight free radical damage and inflammation caused by the sun, pollution and other factors. It helps improve signs of aging. Topical vitamin C triggers collagen production by turning on fibroblasts, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin C also helps slow the breakdown of collagen, preserving skin’s structure. It can even out skin tone. The L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C interrupts the overproduction of pigment. Using vitamin C over a period can lighten brown spots.    

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